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In the world of travel, functionality and convenience are paramount. When it comes to choosing the right backpack for your journeys, the MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack emerges as a standout choice. Designed for those who seek both versatility and durability, the MATEIN 17 inch Water Resistant Wheeled Laptop Backpack is a travel companion worth exploring. In this comprehensive review, I’ll delve into its features, performance, and overall suitability for the modern traveler.

MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack

Description of The MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack

The MATEIN Waterproof Wheeled Rolling Backpack is designed with durable materials to ensure that your belongings stay dry even in rainy weather. Its spacious compartments and multiple pockets allow for easy organization of books, notebooks, and other essentials. Additionally, the backpack’s comfortable padded straps and sturdy wheels make it effortless to transport heavy loads throughout campus. These backpacks are the perfect choice for college students and bookbags, providing a convenient way to carry essentials.

MATEIN Waterproof Wheeled Rolling backpacks are unbelievably easy to zip up. These backpacks’ durable material and well-designed compartments make it convenient to access items during the trip. Also, they provide ample space for organizing belongings. 

What Makes MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack Stand Out?

Durability: 9.5/10
Value for money: 8.9/10
Ease of use: 9.5/10
Storage Capacity: 9/10
Features: 9.4/10Ergonomic Design: 8/10
Recommended For
Students, Office, Travelers, ‎Unisex-adult, Carry on Luggage Business, Overnight College Computer Backpack, Trolley Suitcase, Etc.

Looking for a durable and stylish wheeled backpack? Rolling Backpack, MATEIN 17-inch Water Resistant Wheeled Laptop Backpack is here for you. You’ll find this a comfortable 38-liter backpack for travel. It is made of polyester material and metal zippers

This backpack features a bottom portion and it is made of waterproof material. Corner guards will protect your backpack from abrasion as well. I recommend these backpacks for Students, Offices, Travelers, ‎Unisex-adult, Carry on Luggage Businesses, Overnight College Computer Backpacks, Trolley Suitcases, Etc.

MATEIN wheeled backpack is the perfect choice when you think about comfort. Because this backpack is comfortable and easy to carry with adjustable and well-ventilated straps. What I love most about this backpack is stylish and functionality, also, an excellent backpack for comfortable and smooth travel.

The Best Reliable Features Of MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack

DESIGN: Adults can easily carry the backpack because of the water-resistant bottom panel, corner guards, kick plate, corner-mounted wheels, metal swivel hooks, and locking metal zippers that prevent abrasion.

DURABLE MATERIAL: Durable Aluminum Telescoping Handle and Strong & reliable rubber backpack wheels make this backpack perfect for daily use and long-lasting durability. It is appropriate for varied weather circumstances due to the high-quality materials, waterproof bottom panel, and corner guards that protect against ordinary wear and tear.

CONVENIENT CARRYING: This rolling backpack with wheel offers convenient carrying for women, providing breathable and adjustable straps that can be tucked into a zipper pocket. It offers comfort and a casual style for daily use, making it suitable for vacations, weekends, and business trips.

DIMENSION AND WEIGHT: EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS-19.6 X 13 X 9 inches, WEIGHT: 4.9 pounds. 22-inch Aluminum Hideaway Telescoping Handle travel backpack with wheels, suitable for adults, men, and women, ideal for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, teachers, and anniversary gifts.

COMPARTMENT: This backpack features wheels, a separate laptop pocket, a 36L main compartment, a second zippered file compartment, an organizer compartment, mesh water bottle pockets, and a magic tape pocket for carrying small items.

CAPACITY: This compact and professional looking 36 liters backpack has an in-built laptop pocket to hold laptops up to 15 inches.

Is The MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack Really Worth It?

A backpack that’s not just a bag, but your ultimate companion for on-the-go living. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this backpack redefines convenience and elevates your style game.

  • All-in-One Design: Seamlessly organize your essentials with purpose-built pockets. Discover mesh water bottle pockets, a magical tape pocket, a dedicated laptop haven, a 36L main compartment, a second zipped file sanctuary, an organizer’s paradise, and a secret compartment for mastering clutter.
  • Fortress of Security: Embark on your adventures worry-free with metal zippers that can be locked for an extra layer of security. This backpack isn’t just a vessel; it’s a guardian of your valuables.
  • Sturdy Elegance: Walk with confidence, knowing that this backpack boasts robust components like corner protectors, a kick plate, and premium polyester fabric. With metal zippers that stand the test of time, it’s a testament to durability and style.
  • Gift of a Lifetime: Whether it’s for the trendsetting adults, the wanderlust souls, or those who appreciate the finer things, our backpack transcends occasions. Imagine the smiles on Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, teacher appreciation, and anniversaries.
  • Comfort Redefined: Packed for a long journey or a demanding day? Fear not! Padded shoulder straps and a plush back panel turn hours of wear into moments of luxury. Plus, a clever top handle ensures easy hanging and quick grabbing.
  • Your Everyday Adventure: From the urban jungle to nature’s playground, this backpack embraces it all. Say goodbye to juggling between style and functionality. With its cavernous compartments and unyielding construction, it’s your partner for daily commutes, globetrotting, or embracing the great outdoors.

So these backpacks will fill up all of your expectations for your travel. That’s why it will be the best choice and really worth it for anyone to travel.

What Are The Tremendous Pros And Cons Of MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack?

 Pros Cons 
Durable and waterproofNot recommended for heavy rains
Lots of storage compartmentsSmall wheels make them unsuitable for rough terrain
Extremely spacious with multiple zippered pockets and back pocketsNot as good of an ergonomic design and uncomfortable for extended use
Ergonomic design for comfortable carrying
Easy to pull with rubber wheels and the telescoping handle
Features a separate laptop pocket, a 36L main compartment, a second zippered file compartmen
Included mesh water bottle pockets and a magic tape pocket
The handle has two different heights
It is waterproof and lightweight
Breathable and adjustable shoulder straps

Are You Ready For An Exciting Adventure With MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack?

From my experience, MATEIN’s 17-inch Water Resistant Wheeled Laptop Backpack is well worth to money and an ideal choice. I ordered these backpacks for a more than 1-week trip to Italy and you can’t believe that it was a great choice. I found these rolled smoothly, held all necessary items, and were well-made and sturdy. If you’re tall enough, don’t worry the handle is sturdy and long enough for a tall person.

Honestly, I am just pleasantly surprised at how well-made these backpacks are. Also, you can fit these backpacks under your seat on airplanes, and you’ll find them as an ideal backpack for carry-on suitcases. The most amazing part is these backpacks also fit the sizing restrictions for British Airways, Air France, Delta Airlines, etc flights. 

Moreover, If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable choice that easily matched any outfit or travel ensemble, then I recommend you these MATEIN Waterproof Wheeled Backpacks for their sleek design and neutral color. Elevate your journey with the MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack. Because life is an adventure – dress like it!


In conclusion, the MATEIN Rolling Travel Backpack has proven to be a remarkable choice for those seeking a blend of durability, convenience, and style in their travel gear. With its water-resistant design, spacious interior, and ergonomic handling, it caters to the needs of both travelers and students. The MATEIN 17 inch Water Resistant Wheeled Laptop Backpack offers a practical solution for those who are always on the move. It’s more than just a backpack; it’s a companion that simplifies your journey. Don’t compromise on comfort and organization—choose MATEIN for your next adventure or daily commute.

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