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Are you tired of lugging heavy backpacks that strain your back and shoulders? Say hello to the ultimate travel companion – the rolling backpack with detachable daypack And this article is all about a wheeled backpack with a removable daypack, also called a rolling carry-on with detachable backpack. 

As there are plenty of roller bags with detachable backpacks available in this market, it isn’t easy to find the best one. For this reason, I will describe the top 3 best wheeled backpacks with detachable daypacks. So, let’s explore those best-rolling backpack with removable wheels.

Best Wheeled Rolling Backpacks with Detachable Daypack

How did I choose these top 3 rolling backpacks with detachable daypacks?

I carefully selected the top 3 best rolling backpacks with detachable daypacks based on some important criteria provided below.

  • Lightweight 
  • Built Quality
  • For Traveling
  • Features 
  • price
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Top 3 Rolling Backpacks with Detachable Daypacks

Top 3 Rolling Backpack with detachable Daypacks
CriteriaOnli Travel RevolutionONLI TRAVEL Revolution rolling backpackHynes Eagle 2 1 rolling backpack
Built Quality4.54.34.5

#1 ONLI TRAVEL Revolution All-In-One Bundle rolling backpack- Best All-in-one design bundle backpack 

ONLI TRAVEL Revolution All-In-One Bundle rolling backpack

The ONLI TRAVEL Revolution Rolling Pack is another best rolling backpack with detachable daypack as a versatile travel companion. It comes with a 4-wheel modular spinner design with two detachable backpacks. 

The pack is expandable, allowing you to adjust the capacity according to your needs. Whether you prefer rolling or carrying, this pack offers maximum flexibility. Here are the key details about this wheeled carry-on with a removable daypack.

Built Quality4.5
Pros Cons 
All-in-one bundle with a detachable daypackSome people may not like the bundle design
Modular design allows for easy unzipping
Versatile carrying options
Packing cubes included for space-efficient packing
Four-wheel spinner for smooth mobility
Sturdy construction for durability
Easy maneuverability
Comfortable and adjustable straps
High-quality materials and premium design

The design of the ONLI TRAVEL Revolution All-In-One Bundle rolling backpack with detachable daypack prioritizes durability and functionality. It incorporates high-quality materials, reinforced stitching, and sturdy zippers. The backpack includes a spacious main compartment and a detachable daypack for enhanced versatility.

In addition to that, adjustable straps, padded panels, and multiple compartments enable convenient packing and effortless access to belongings. This well-designed and robustly constructed backpack is a dependable travel companion.

#2 ONLI TRAVEL Revolution rolling backpack with detachable daypack – Best Durable Backpack

ONLI TRAVEL Revolution rolling backpack with detachable daypack - Best Durable Backpack

The ONLI TRAVEL Revolution All-In-One Bundle is one of the most popular wheeled backpack with removable daypacks available in the market. It is a versatile travel solution with a 3-part modular rolling pack and packing cubes in a stylish dark gray heather color. 

This rolling luggage with a detachable backpack lets you stay organized and easily travel. Here are the key features and other information about this wheeled convertible backpack.

Built Quality4.3
For Traveling4.3
Pros Cons 
Modular 4-wheel spinner design with a detachable daypackNot greatly secure
Includes 8 packing cubes for organized storage
Zip-apart feature for easy fitting
Versatile 3-bags-in-1 design
Expandable capacity for additional storage
Durable construction for long-lasting use
Stylish and unisex design
Multiple compartments and pockets
Lightweight and easy to maneuver

ONLI TRAVEL Revolution rolling backpack has a complete 3-part versatile and convertible design. This wheeled convertible backpack also offers a well-designed, high-quality travel solution for those who travel often.

And this rolling backpack with removable wheels is made of durable materials that can last years. And its functional as well as stylish design allows you easy access to your belongings during travel. The ONLI TRAVEL Revolution All-In-One Bundle is a well-designed and carefully built travel solution.

#3 Hynes Eagle 2:1 rolling backpack with detachable daypack – Best Backpack With a Daypack

#3 Hynes Eagle 2:1 rolling backpack with detachable daypack - Best Backpack With a Daypack

The Hynes Eagle 2-in-1 Travel Backpack is an affordable, versatile, and spacious wheeled carry-on with a removable daypack designed for both men and women. It comes with a 63-liter capacity and is also perfect for carrying all your essentials during travel. 

In addition, this wheeled luggage with detachable backpack can be used as carry-on luggage or converted into a rolling backpack with its retractable handle and wheels. It also includes a set of three packing cubes to keep your belongings organized. The Hynes Eagle 2-in-1 Travel Backpack is durable, functional, and convenient for all your travel needs.

Built Quality4.5
For Traveling4.6
Pros Cons 
2-in-1 design wheeled backpack with detachable daypackZipper doesn’t always stay zipped
Adjustable sternum strap for extra carry comfortDoesn’t fit in all overhead storage on aircraft
Fits up to 15.6-inch laptop and 10.5-inch tablet
Interior mesh zip pocket for easy organization
Protective padded back compartment
Unisex design suitable for both men and women
Durable water-repellent polyester material
Airline-approved size for IATA flights
Refined metal SBS zipper

Hynes Eagle designed the 2-in-1 rolling backpack with detachable daypack to maximize durability for both male and female travelers. They constructed it using water-repellent polyester material, ensuring long-lasting use. Additionally, they incorporated a refined metal SBS zipper to enhance its overall strength. 

Besides, this functional rolling luggage with detachable backpack is specifically suitable for week-long trips. Additionally, it is a good gift idea for occasions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and more.

What are the benefits of a rolling backpack with detachable daypack?

What are the benefits of a rolling backpack with detachable daypack?
  • Convenient transportation option for heavy loads
  • Reduces strain on the back and shoulders
  • Versatile design allows for easy detachment of the daypack
  • Provides dual carrying options for different situations
  • Offers flexibility for storing items separately
  • Perfect for travel, school, or work
  • Ideal for individuals with mobility issues
  • Protects the spine from excessive weight-bearing
  • Easy maneuverability in crowded spaces
  • Saves energy by rolling instead of carrying
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Enhances overall comfort during prolonged commutes
  • A stylish and practical solution for on-the-go lifestyles

What to consider before buying a rolling backpack with detachable daypack?

  • Size and Capacity
  • Quality and Durability
  • Comfort and Ergonomics
  • Weight and Portability
  • Attachment Mechanism
  • Organization and Accessibility
  • Security Features
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Price and Value
  • User Reviews
  • Warranty and Customer Support
  • Intended Use
  • Airlines’ Carry-On Regulations
  • Weather Resistance
  • Personal Preferences

User Tips and Recommendations about rolling backpack with detachable daypack

  • Balance the weight evenly for better stability
  • Secure loose items before detaching the daypack
  • Check airline carry-on restrictions before travel
  • Use multiple compartments to stay organized
  • Adjust the handle height for a comfortable grip
  • Practice maneuvering in different environments
  • Protect fragile items with extra padding
  • Clean and maintain the backpack regularly
  • Stay within weight limits to avoid strain
  • Pack heavier items closer to your back
  • Keep valuable belongings in a secure pocket
  • Consider waterproof covers for rainy weather
  • Remove unnecessary items for lighter travel
  • Store the backpack properly when not in use


In conclusion, by choosing a reputable brand, considering user tips and recommendations, and conducting thorough research, one can easily find the perfect rolling backpack with a detachable daypack that suits their needs and enhances their travel experience. You can also choose the recommended ONLI TRAVEL Revolution All-In-One Bundle rolling backpack. And if you want to know more about it, just click here.

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