What do you need to know before buying a wheeled backpack

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect wheeled backpack is like stepping into a world of possibilities and convenience. But before you dive into the enticing realm of portable storage on wheels, there are crucial factors and hidden gems you should unveil. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a student navigating campus life, or someone simply tired of lugging around a traditional backpack, this exploration into the world of wheeled backpacks is your compass. Join us as we unravel the essential insights and unveil the mysteries that will shape your decision on the ultimate companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Buckle up, because the adventure begins now!

What do you need to know before buying a wheeled backpack

What do you need to know before buying a wheeled backpack? 

In my previous article, I discussed wheeled or rolling backpacks. You can read Wheeled Backpack for adults to know about them. I will tell you some facts about a wheeled backpack you need to know before buying them. 

A wheeled or rolling backpack is a bag with wheels. You may also say that when a pack has a handle and wheels, we can pull it like a bag, which is called a wheeled backpack. Another name is the rolling backpack. 

A wheeled backpack is good or bad? 

A wheeled backpack is good or bad? 

A wheeled backpack is good for some affairs such as carrying heavy gear, business travel, or traveling for professional purposes, and short and long trips (if you’re not backpacking). 

It is also good for transporting gear without hurting your bag and for people with back pain. 

Another goodness of a wheeled backpack is you can pull them on uneven lands and roads. 

On the contrary, wheeled backpacks are bad for some reason, such as their bulkiness. 

Are rolled small suitcases suitable for educational purposes?

 Are rolled small suitcases suitable for educational purposes?

Yes, small rolling backpacks are suitable for educational purposes. Still, if you’re carrying heavy books in the bag, I recommend not carrying them on your shoulder. Better steel, you can use the handle and pull it. 

Are wheeled small backpacks suitable for international travel? 

Are wheeled small backpacks suitable for international travel? 

Wheeled backpacks suit travelers who don’t want to carry heavy bags. If you prefer on-the-go backpacking in some places like typical countries (Bangladesh and other South Asian countries), then a small-wheeled backpack isn’t suitable. In that case, I recommend using a traditional and large rolling suitcase. 

However, wheeled backpacks are more suitable for walking miles toward a new destination. Besides, backpacks with wheels are very suitable if you travel smoothly and just drop your things off after reaching the destination. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the staining and putting extra pressure on your bag. 

The wheels backpack is more suitable for business travelers who carry laptops and frequent travelers who often go for a weekend trip. 

The types of wheeled backpacks: 

Several types of wheeled backpacks are in the market, depending on their uses and purposes. You must know the types and choose according to your needs and lifestyle. The types are:

Wheeled backpacks for everyday use: 

Everyday use means carrying the bag to school and colleges, sports and other practices, and heading to workplaces. For everyday use, you must check its maneuverability, accessibility, and light use. 

I would recommend Osprey Meridian Wheeled Convertible Luggage for everyday purposes. To know more about this luggage, check out Amazon. 

Wheeled backpack for business and official purposes:

Business and official backpacks are mostly used for tours, meetings, and weekend trips, and they also can be used for educational purposes when a laptop is used for that purpose. 

Business backpacks are sleek, small, and have a professional look. So, if you’re looking for a wheeled backpackton to keep all your gadgets, that kind of backpack suits you. 

A business or professional backpack should have style with compactness, carry-on dimensions, and well-organized service. 

I would recommend Everki Atlas as a companion for your business and profession. To know more about this, check out Amazon. 

Wheeled backpack for traveling purposes: 

Backpacks for traveling purposes- must have the endurance power to travel many times as they’re manufactured for this. A wheeled travel backpack can be any size, depending on the duration of the travel period. 

However, when you choose a travel backpack, comfort should be the first priority. Another important considering matter is- portability. Make sure you can carry the back behind you several times if you don’t want to roll it your entire journey. 

A travel backpack must be lightweight if the traveling period is short and easily accessible, like a suitcase. 

I would recommend Osprey Sojourn and Osprey Fairview and Farpoint as your travel partners. To know more about it, check out Amazon.

Wheeled backpacks for gearing up: 

There are some wheeled backpacks that are for heavy gearing up. In other words, if you are supposed to carry heavy things all the time, like a sportsman or musician, then you need that kind of backpack. 

A super durable and heavy-duty backpack is very important when transporting gear. You can’t carry it on your shoulder for maximum time because you have a large loading. So, the pack must have maneuverability and strong wheels to endure a lot of weight, and you can roll it as a big rolling suitcase. 

Adding more, remember that your gear must suit your backpack’s dimensions, especially when you carry odd-shaped tools like cricket bats, hockey sticks, guitars, and other musical instruments. 

Some backpacks are specially designed for sports and other heavy-geared activities. So, choose wisely. 

Wheeled backpacks for camera equipment: 

If you’re a photographer or professional cameraman, this backpack is only for you. This wheely bag contains two standard camera bodies and other small pockets to hold various lenses and accessories. 

Also, your expensive camera and lenses will be protected, well-organized, and secure in this backpack. These packs are also easily accessible. 

Not only camera accessories, this type of bag also has separate chambers to carry a laptop with up to 17 inches screen and a tablet with up to 10 inches screen. You also keep your smartphone and glass in a separate chamber. 

Don’t be worried about the harsh weather. This camera backpack has a seam-sealed rain cover to protect it from rain and snowfalls. 

I would recommend you Think Tank Airport Takeoff V3.0. This is a bit expensive, and if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase it, you can look for a Deco Gear 3-in-1 Travel Camera Case. To know more about these 2 products, check out Amazon. 

Some offline stores to buy a wheeled backpack easily:

I would recommend some best offline stores from where you can buy your choosable backpacks. Such as-

  • Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI):

 It is situated in the USA. One of my favorite stores. They have all the characteristics an offline store should have- first class and professional services, trains and expert staff, refund policy, and very nice events. 

  • Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS): 

It is another great palace for shoppers. A paradise for bags and leather items indeed. 

  • Mountain Eqiupment Comapny (MEC): 

It is situated in Canada. MEC is the best option if you want to buy leather items, including backpacks from Canada. 

  • Go outdoors: 

It is situated in the UK. Going outdoors is like REI to the UK residents. A shopper’s world for leather and bags. 

How to choose small wheeled backpack luggage: 

In other words, What to look for and consider in a rolling suitcase backpack? Well, so many factors work when you pick a product and choose it. Those considerable matters are 

 Size and weight: 

You must consider them. The backpack will be small if you’re going on a business trip. Similarly, if you’re going for a long trip, then the bag size will be big. There are general sizes and weights that are eligible for different types of uses. 

Suppose, with a weight of 35 lbs, a backpack is suitable for weekend trips, whereas a 45 lbs weight rolling suitcase is eligible for long trips. 

A business or professional backpack should be small and below 35 lbs. 

If you know you’re going on a long trip, you’ll choose a larger bag, but you’ll never need more than 70 70-pound pack. Moreover, 45-55 lbs back is a middle-size backpack. You can also choose it if you need a neither small nor big size. 

Comfort to use: 

Why do people use a wheeled backpack instead of a rolling suitcase only? That’s because a wheeled backpack can be carried on the shoulder when you need it. That means backpacks are comfortable to carry. So, you must check out for a comfortable frame, padded shoulder strap, and a good suspension system.

 Comfort also adds-

 Compression straps:

Compression straps help compress loads of your bag and condense the load of the goods in the center point of your pack.’

Hip and chest straps: 

These straps help you to balance the weight and provide you extra support.  

Design capability:  

Backpacks are usually designed to comfort the neck, shoulder, and spinal cord so that those body parts don’t get hurt when you carry them. 

Comfortable height to handle: 

A backpack must have good height so that even a tall person with a height of above 6 feet can easily hold the handle and doesn’t need to crouch down his body. Wrist-friendliness: 

Make sure that the wheels of your backpack are well-maneuverable so that you don’t need to twist your wrists while changing the directions. 

 Secure and durable with appropriate materials: 

High quality ensures durability and security, and it is equally true about backpacks. Durability includes water and weather-proofing. The anti-theft lock ensures security. 

In the matter of zippers, you can trust YKK zippers. It is a very good choice to zip and unzip your backpack. 

Easy to access: 

Your backpack must be accessible. That means your backpack has a top chamber that is easily accessible and keeps your passport, cards, and liquids while passing through the Transport Security Administration (TSA). 

If the rolling backpack contains a laptop chamber and other small chambers, then are they easily accessible? 


How much is your backpack capable of distributing weight? How are the wheels? Are they spinning 360 degrees so you can change your direction quickly and without hassle? If your bag has a full spinner wheel, it can make a big difference in capability. 

What about the handle? Some people prefer single-rods, and some prefer double-rod handles. So, choose according to your needs. You should also look for a compression strap that controls the weight to keep it on the center point. 

Style and looks: 

It is also very important. The style and looks must match your personality and purpose. If you’re going for business travel, your backpack should be like Everki Atlas. You can’t be funny by carrying a 70 lbs bag. 

Similarly, a business or professional backpack can’t be a good choice for you when you’re going for a long trip or a Europe tour. So, the style and looks must be according to your needs. 


The following features are considered when choosing a backpack: 

  • Uniqueness with a removable daypack or rain cover. 
  • Own a lock system to secure your things. 
  •  The features are a bonus but very important. 

Warranty and return policy:  

What to do if you need to return your backpack and there is no warranty and return policy? 

Some packs have no warranty, some have a 1-year warranty, and some have a lifetime warranty. So, check out for warranty. Choose backpacks that have a lifetime warranty. 

Also, check the return policy. If you need to return the pack because of its malfunction or any other problem, then the return policy will help you do that. 

The differences between wheeled backpacks and regular backpacks: 

Well, there are obviously some differences between the 2 different kinds of baggage. Actually, the user’s needs and type of use make the difference. 

If you’re trekking or going on a long journey between several destinations, including lots of walking, you better choose a regular travel backpack. 

On the contrary, if your destiny’s accommodations are short, you better choose a wheeled or rolling small backpack. Wheeled backpacks are more suitable when the user is worried about carrying the bag on his shoulder for a long period. 

In conclusion, a wheeled backpack is more versatile than a traditional backpack because you can change the mode from a backpack to a rolling suitcase. Traditional backpacks are only for carrying on your shoulder because they don’t have a wheel and handle. 

Should you buy a wheeled backpack or a traditional suitcase?

Well, I’ll share my personal experience about the topic. Personally, I don’t prefer suitcases for long trips. If a person travels randomly, his suitcase must be thrown about and piled high on buses. 

Besides, if you’re going on a Europe tour, you must pass through rocky and cobblestoned roads. So, suitcases are not very good in those areas. Besides, you can’t carry it on your shoulder. Walking on stairs with a suitcase is also a pain.

So, if the travel is short and you are going to walk on Palin roads, you should buy a traditional suitcase. Moreover, suitcases are also a good choice if you’ll stay just in one palace for a long time. 

On the other hand, if you travel randomly from one place to another, you have to take a perfect backpack for you, and backpacks are also suitable for walking in uneven, rocky, and harsh areas. 

If you have back pain or any problem with the spinal cord, then a small suitcase with wheels and handles is a good choice. But, it is still difficult to carry it up and downstairs and roll it across uneven sidewalks. 

Moving forward, there are so many hybrid backpacks. They’re neither a backpack nor a suitcase- between the two. There are also some lightweight travel cases that you can buy. 

The pros and cons of a traditional backpack: 

              Pros Cons
Suitable for long journeys with a comfortable design and also ergonomic. Doesn’t have a versatile, smart, sleek, and professional look. 
Separately designed for men and women according to their body shape.   2.  Heavy to carry-especially, the backpacks that hold over 30 lbs. 
You can use it on-the-go travel and when you have to walk in a long way.   3. Your backside will get strain when you’re continuously pulling and carrying a traditional backpack. 
You can just throw it and go- no worries.4. Traditional backpacks can’t be used in professional purpose. 

The pros and cons of a wheeled backpack: 

              Pros             Cons
It is versatile. That means, it can be turned from a backpack to a rolling bag. Can’t be used abusively such as you can throw it and go. 
Your backside will get rest while carrying it. 2. The harness, wheels, and handles makes it clumsy and difficult to keep safe. 
Wheeled backpacks have improved themself in few years in features, dimensions, the quality of materials, and supports. 3. Not so comfortable to carry on long distances. Due to the rods, when you carry it on your shoulder, it can hurt and dig your backside. 
This packs have many purposes including traveling, educational and professional purpose, hiking, trekking, etc.4. A bit expensive. You may consider your choice due to your budget. 

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