How to carry a wheeled backpack on top of luggage?

In the realm of travel, knowing how to carry a wheeled backpack on top of luggage can be a game-changer. This simple yet efficient technique not only eases your journey but also minimizes the hassle of lugging multiple bags around. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice explorer, mastering this skill can make your trips smoother and more enjoyable. In this concise guide, I’ll walk you through the process using short and straightforward language, ensuring that you can effortlessly navigate the world of travel with ease.

How to carry a wheeled backpack on top of luggage?

Do you know how to carry a wheeled backpack on top of luggage?

If you’re traveling and talking about a wheeled backpack and rolling luggage, you need to attach the backpack and carry it along with the luggage. Thus, you can reduce the hassle of pulling 2 or 3 heavy items together. 

However, if you’re going to a cheaper country and are willing to shop there, you’ll take 2/3/4 bags. But it’s almost impossible to carry all the bags yourself. So, attaching those bags is a great idea indeed. 

In this article, I’ll tell you how to carry a wheeled backpack on top of your luggage. 

Top methods about how to carry a wheeled backpack on top of luggage 

Top methods about how to carry a wheeled backpack on top of luggage 

If you are willing to learn how to attach a wheeled backpack with rolling luggage, then you can learn here. The attaching must be creative and look smart. 

You may need to buy an adding strap in one method or other forms, and you can use the items you have at home. 

First method: Check for a luggage strap: 

Do the first things first. Check for a strap or sleeve in your backpack at the back. If your backpack is like that, the strap will be in 2 positions. The first position is- on the back panel, and the second one is in the hole of the back panel- which means side to side. 

Some backpacks contain a zipper used like a pocket if it isn’t used as a luggage strap. Some backpacks have hidden luggage sleeves. When the bag is turned horizontally, you can access the sleeve. So, before buying a luggage strap, you must ensure that your backpack needs it and that it can be adjusted with luggage through a strap. 

Second method: Have an add-on strap: 

If you have time before departing, purchasing an add-on strap is better. There are different types of add-on straps. Such as-

Elastic straps: if your backpack is big and bulky, then elastic straps are great because of their adjustability. Don’t worry if the elastic is big and goes over your backpack. The size doesn’t matter, and it is very easy to use. 

You can purchase Luggage Straps Bag Bungees for Add a Bag Easy to Travel Suitcase Elastic Strap Belt.

Short-buckled strap: it can be to the grab handles of the backpacks and luggage, and the bag hangs there. However, it’s secure but stable and will move a lot during the handling time. 

You can purchase Travelon Add A Bag Strap, Black.  

Luggage sleeve with buckled strap: probably it is the most secure strap. Use velcro, secure the sleeve to the extended suitcase, and tie up your backpack with the long buckled strap. It’ll give you peace of mind that all your bags and baggage are safe and secure, and you can maneuver them with just one hand. 

You can use Luggage Straps for Suitcases. Add a Bag Easy Bag Bungee Bag Holder with Storage Bag Strap Organizer Travel Accessories Belt. 

Third method: Have a handle or shoulder strap: 

If your backpack doesn’t have a luggage strap, another option is a handle or shoulder strap. I have the experience to use it. I used a handle, a shoulder strap, a hip belt, and a sternum strap. 

If your luggage is big-sized, you can just hang the backpack on top of the luggage and pull the telescopic handles, and the backpack will be there. But wait, this method won’t always work. If your suitcase has a single rod handle or a narrow backpack handle, it will be hard to work.

Adding more, you can keep the backpack vertically on top of the luggage and pull the luggage handle through the shoulder straps of the backpack. If the shoulder straps are tied tightly with the handle, the backpack won’t fall, and if the other steps are at a distance from the ground, the straps won’t be caught in the wheels. 

There is another way, and this is the sternum strap. Just position the sternum strap and hip belt with the shoulder strap vertically. The position should be handle-facing. Now secure and tighten them. 

The packing may be a little loose because the position of the straps is low. So, secure the straps like this so you can easily catch the luggage and backpack handle.

Fourth method: Bungee cord:

If your backpack has a bungee cord at the front side of it, then it can be a good method to securely carry it on top of the luggage. Just insert the luggage handle through the cord and then tie them up. Maybe the method is a bit vulnerable, but there is nothing bad to give a try. 

The method is more suitable for small backpacks. Maybe the backpack will remain loose. In that case, you can try to grab both handles to make the maneuvering more secure.  

Fifth method: Belt system: 

Using a belt and tie is the oldest and most familiar method. So, lastly, you can try the formula. There is no hard and fast type of belt. You can use any belt and even a bathrobe belt. Just keep in mind that the tie-up should be tight and secure. However, it isn’t a stylish and smart method, but effective. You can apply a belt if you don’t have the time or don’t think to use the strap method. Belts are available in our home. 

Other steps about how to carry a wheeled backpack on top of luggage 

 Getting piggyback luggage set with built-in straps: 

There are a few pieces of luggage that have built-in straps that remain in a hidden and dedicated pocket. It also may stay under the top handle. This kind of luggage has tie-together straps. Just pull out the strap and wrap it around the other bag’s handle. 

You can purchase Rockland Paris Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels. 

There are also different types. Some luggage sets have a simple velcro system. All the pieces are attachable with the velcro system. The system makes all the luggage more secure, movable, and easier to move around.  

You can purchase the Tach V3 Hardshell 3 Piece Luggage Set. 

Finally, if you don’t like the above methods, I have another way for you. The way is- to have a backpack with a dedicated trolly sleeve. There are so many brands out there. So, just pick which one is suitable for you.


In conclusion, mastering the art of how to carry a wheeled backpack on top of luggage is a valuable skill for any traveler. By following the uncomplicated steps outlined in this guide and using short, easy-to-understand language, you can transform your travel experiences. The efficiency and convenience of this technique will not only save you time and effort but also make your journeys more enjoyable. So, the next time you hit the road, remember this handy tip to streamline your adventures and make the most of your travels.

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