How To Measure Wheel Backpack Size? Find Out Now

In this concise guide, I will explore the essential steps on how to measure wheel backpack size effectively. Whether you’re a traveler searching for the perfect carry-on, a student looking for a backpack to haul your books, or an adventurer gearing up for an outdoor expedition, understanding the right backpack size is crucial. I’ll provide you with straightforward instructions in short, easily digestible language to ensure you get the perfect fit for your needs. No more guesswork; let’s delve into the art of measuring backpack size with precision.

How To Measure Wheel Backpack Size? Find Out Now

Methods of how to measure wheel backpack size

Methods of how to measure wheel backpack size

Measuring the size of a backpack using a measuring wheel involves a few different methods, depending on what specific dimensions you want to measure. Here are some common methods to measure backpack size using a measuring wheel.

Measuring Actual Dimensions of a wheeled backpack

The actual dimensions of a backpack refer to its external length, width, and height. These measurements are essential for comparing backpacks and ensuring they meet airline or storage requirements. Additionally, understanding the volume capacity of the backpack aids in evaluating its storage potential.

Measuring the Volume of a wheeled backpack

Backpack volume is important, especially for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers who need to pack various items. Measuring the Volume helps determine how much gear a backpack can hold and whether it aligns with your needs.

How to measure wheel backpack size: step by step

How to measure wheel backpack size: step by step

Measuring a wheeled backpack properly is not an easy task unless you don’t know the right method. But following this step-by-step guide, you can accurately and properly measure wheel backpack size. So, without wasting more time, let’s learn how to measure wheel backpack size now.

Step 01: Gather tools to measure wheel backpack size

Before you begin, you must gather the necessary tools for measuring the backpack. So, list all the tools you need and gather them to measure wheel backpack size. Here are the primary tools you must gather. Besides, you should also get a pen or pencil and paper to note down the measurements.

  • Measuring Wheel: A measuring wheel is a primary tool for obtaining precise measurements of the backpack’s dimensions.
  • Tape Measure: In addition to the measuring wheel, keep a tape measure handy to double-check specific dimensions.

Step 02: Measure the total linear inches of your bag

Start by placing the backpack on a flat surface and extend the measuring wheel from the bottom edge to the top. Roll the wheel along the length of the backpack, ensuring it follows the curvature if the bag isn’t completely flat. Record the measurement in inches.

Step 03: Measure the Height

If the backpack has a retractable handle and wheels, extend the handle fully to its maximum height. Then, position the measuring wheel, including the wheels, at the bottom and roll it up to the top of the extended handle. This measurement will give you the height of the backpack.

Step 04: Measure the Depth

To measure the depth, position the measuring wheel at the back of the backpack and roll it along the length until you reach the front. Include any external pockets or compartments in this measurement.

Step 05: Measure the Width to measure the wheel backpack size

Position the measuring wheel at one side of the backpack and roll it across to the other to measure the width. Include any side pockets or compartments in this measurement as well.

Step 06: Weigh the Backpack (Optional)

Though not directly related to size, if you’re interested in knowing the backpack’s weight, you can use a luggage scale to weigh it at this stage.

Step 07: Record Measurements to Measure Wheel Backpack Size

After obtaining all the measurements, record them in a notepad or digital device. These figures will facilitate comparison between different backpacks and allow you to choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Tip about how to measure wheel backpack size perfectly

You must include the wheels, handles, and anything sticking out of the measurements while measuring. Here are more tips on how to measure wheel backpack size.

  • Use a measuring wheel for precise dimensions.
  • Lay the backpack on a flat surface
  • Roll measuring wheel for length, width, and height
  • Include wheels in height measurement
  • Measure from back to front for depth


In conclusion, mastering the art of how to measure wheel backpack size is a skill that can save you time and discomfort on your journeys. By following these straightforward steps and using easily understandable language, you can confidently select a backpack that suits your needs perfectly. Remember, a well-fitted backpack can make all the difference in your comfort and convenience, whether you’re traveling, studying, or exploring the great outdoors. So, measure wisely, and embark on your adventures with the assurance of a well-fitted backpack by your side.

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